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Listed below are some projects and websites I've worked on in the past.

Proprietary ERP System

I've been with my current employer, AirWay Technologies, since June 2000. And over that span we've created our own ERP System using primarily ASP and SQL Server as the back end. We created a customized system that tracks selling opportunities, buying opportunities, customers, quotes, sales orders, consignments, inventory, commissions and much more. The only functionality not built into it is the Accounting piece.

Growing up as a kid, I developed a passion of sports. Then as an adult I started having a passion for writing software/websites. In 2005 I was looking for some local High School basketball scores . . . but you couldn't find any! Back then there were no Twitter or Instagram and the local newspapers' websites weren't updated until the next day . . . sometimes!

Anyhow, I did some research and also surveyed people on what kind of High School sports website they would like to see. High School sports in Northern Kentucky is pretty popular, especially football! I came up with a domain name of, then later purchased a shorter version

At first, the site was an online scoreboard for High School Basketball. I created a database where I entered all the local High School games, and every night I would update the scores using various resources. It was really more of a hobby but when you create sites like this you learn how to create database tables better, and how to write more efficient queries.

I was also doing some gorilla marketing, just trying to find any email I could find on school websites, alumni sites, and such. Then I had people emailing me how much they liked the site. One individual in particular from Bishop Brossart HS suggested I do online webcasting and webcast a Game of the Week. Back then there was only audio webcasting, and this was something only a few High School's were doing at the time.

I decided to give it a shot and year by year it became more popular. After 2 years of webcasting I signed a contract with a local newspaper to webcast 2 games per week on their website. Then I had a contract with a local TV station to update their schedule and scores.

After my contracts were up I decided to stay on my own and was able to land some sponsors for the website! Since 2015 we have now produced over 500 audio and video webcasts, have over 4,000 photos, and almost 37,000 schedules in our database (Basketball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball). The database also holds history of rosters, stats, photos and more! has also been able to give back to the schools and the community! We have generated over $4,000 in donations through the website and our yearly golf outing.

This website is all database driven and I know the design needs a face lift but we have a lot of NKY High School Sports history stored! There's also a mobile version of this website.

Bicycle Adventure Club

Over the past several years I've done a lot of freelance work for a website called Bicycle Adventure Club. This website is for people who love to ride bikes and travel the world. There are various bike trips setup on the site and members sign up so they can attend the trips.

The functionality behind this site is pretty expansive, and I could hardly cover the unique business rules and code I've had to write behind this site. But I will cover a few things it can do functionality wise. Starting in 2017 the company wanted to have all payments made online, this would be for membership fees, ride fees, trip deposits and remaining balance payments. At one point we had it setup to just collect credit card payments for membership fees and ride fees, but now all payments for everything goes through online payments.

The implementation of having all payments made online for the various levels was a little challenging but I was up to the task and developed all the code and database tables behind it to make things work. I also wrote some pretty cool financial reports that show all the trip income, expenses, and disbursements.

Auction Sites

I wrote an auction site that allows organizations to setup their own auctions for various events. Most of the events have been school related fundraisers where they plan an event, but allow some of the auction items to be bid on via the internet.

High schools and grade schools have used this system. I typically make custom changes to the website design so it fits the theme of their event. Here's an Online Auction Example for an event my Parish had in 2017.

Swim Club Check-In System

Another client of mine, Fort Thomas Swim Club asked me to develop a check-in system. I wrote their website several years ago but they now wanted to track which members were actually using the pool. Since they have a long waiting list for people to join, they wanted to track which members were using the pool, what days they are coming, what time of the day, how many guests were coming, etc.

This is a more recent project (2017) and I wanted it to be easy to use and fast. I used a lot of jQuery to write this online software. For example, a family comes to the pool and checks in, the worker types in their last name and as they type their name the list of matches start to appear. You select the family membership then click on each member that's checking in. No check boxes or submit buttons and so forth.

There are also some other features used in this system but if you have any questions on how to develop an online software like this just let me know.

This was a site spawned off my personal golf website as mentioned below. My buddies and I had a yearly golf trip but the planning of it seemed very disorganized. Everything was tracked by email. So I did some research and found there weren't many sites out there allowing you to plan/organize a group golf trip.

So I created a site called, Group Golf Trip Planning Made Easy. This site took a lot of work and planning, also a lot of testing. Good thing though I had several other friends who planned their own trips with other friends, and they would test the site. I received a lot of good feedback and eventually added new features throughout the years.

The site is also FREE! I don't charge anyone to use the site (even though I probably should), but I still feel like it needs more attention before I make that next step. Since I've had the site running for several year now I've got a good amount of membership data (in the thousands). To use the site you have to create a membership.

The gist of the site is to organize and plan your group golf trip. You have a golf trip organizer that starts the trip and invites other golfers to attend. The site will send emails to the potential golfers where they will sign up to be a member on the site and then linked to a particular golf trip.

You can view who's going on the trip, how much you owe, create polls, and also the best feature is the online leaderboard where you can enter handicaps and scores to track your golf leaderboard.

The regular website itself also has a database of golf courses that you can search on by state.

Cleaning Service Scheduler

One of my clients is Regal Maid, a cleaning service located in Northern Kentucky. They approached me several years ago wanting me to write a new scheduler system for them because the old system was no longer working (and was run off DOS prompts!).

This particular "system" and set of business rules was quite unique but was used in their family business spanning several decades. For example, their scheduling was based on a 5-week period, including their payroll. My custom software is still being used by Regal Maid to date and helps them create new 5-week schedules, track customers and employees, provide reports, and also calculate payroll.

Fantasy Sports

I've created sites for Fantasy Football, Golf, March Madness brackets and College Basketball. I created sites like these before they become popular on the internet. My friends used to handle all the scoring on spreadsheets and paper but I would come up with sites to track the teams, scores, schedules and so forth.

I no longer run the sites for Fantasy Football and Golf, these sites are all over the internet now like ESPN, FoxSports, etc. But I have updated my Fantasy College Basketball (FCB) site to where others can run their own leagues. BTW, if you love college basketball and you love fantasy sports you would love a league like this! It's much different than Fantasy Football, and way more interesting, challenging and fun!

I created an admin section for the FCB so it's easier to maintain and run the league. Over the past 2 years I have made several improvements and have sold it as a service so others can run their own leagues.

This is actually a project I've been planning more for as well. There's not many FCB sites out there, and our unique rules make it fun! The next step for this site is to have the stats downloaded automatically (like they do on ESPN), but that costs money. I do have the database structure developed though to handle this. Next phase is to market the league more.

The FCB site is password protected but if you would like to take a look at it please contact me. And if I ever do get this to be more popular I have the domain name setup for it as well,!

Benjy's Golf Site

One of the first dynamic websites I've created is a Golf Website used for my friends and I. You can enter courses on the site and then enter your scores. It then compares the par value of each hole and tells you the percentage of bogeys, pars, birdies, etc. that you've scored over a period of time.

It also calculates your Handicap and allows you to search back to 1999 (when the site was created) to view your scores, and see what you scored on each hole. My friends and I also go on a yearly golf trip and we post information about the trips we took on the site. We track information like who won the tournament each year and the highlights of each trip.

Eventually, this site and the yearly golf trip spawned another idea,, which I would develop later.

I also developed a mobile version for this site.


During my four years of employment at DJJ (David Joseph Company) I created a system called Workgroup. This was my first "real" job right out of college and it was a great learning experience for me. I worked in the Transportation Division of DJJ where they bought, sold, and leased railroad cars.

I created the software using Visual Basic and Access Database but eventually we converted to SQL Server. The Workgroup software was basically an information management that tracked customers, customer calls, lease documents, line drawings, and much more. To date the company still uses Workgroup, at least that's what I've been told :).