2008 Golf Trip – Pine Valley Golf Resort (Elizabethtown, KY)




This year marked our 13th Anniversary for the golf trip.   We had a new member join our trip this year, Frank Phair, and we added a new alternative to Perry Park with the Belterra golf course.  Twelve of us played Belterra on Wednesday and the course was immaculate.  One of the best golf courses we have played over the past 13 years!  The round of golf started with some rain but it sooned cleared up and Frank, the new member, shot an even par 71!  After the round of golf some of the group went to Perry Park to spend the night (Nick, Denny, Rath, Brian, Carmen and Sam) while the rest of us stayed at Belterra (Ben, Ed, Rex, Jimmy, JD, Frank and Wade).  Wade kept telling us he was not going to gamble at the casino that evening but he did and he kept losing!!  The rest of us either came out even or lost a little.  That evening we all had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!  And we cannot forget the amazing and delicious breakfast bar that was included in the package!!



Thursday morning we headed to Glenmary Country Club, which was about 45 minutes from Pine Valley.  Ed and Wade headed down early as Wade (who almost could not attend the trip), had to play early so he could be in a conference call meeting for work.  The early morning round proved to be very beneficial for Wade as he shot an 85, netting him a score of 60 for the first tournament round.  The rest of us teed off around 11 AM.  Glenmary was not the best of courses.  The greens were in good shape and it was nice layout but the fairways were horrible!!  After the round at Glenmary we headed to our final destination, Pine Valley.  We got checked in and had dinner at 3-Putt Willies!!  Frank, Rath and Hoffestedder’s food orders all came out wrong!  JD’s wings were horrible!!  During our dinner we enjoyed the “nice view” of the golfing range!


In the evening we played some cornhole and Texas Hold’em.  JD and Frank tried to beat Ben and Jimmy several times but came up short every time.  For the hold’em tournament Frank and Jimmy won.


Earlier in the day we played 3-putt poker for the golf game.  We handed out the cards and Carmen and Hoffestedder both won $35.



Friday morning was round 2 for the tournament.  We also played a game called Chicago where you start with negative points and points are added after you score bogeys, pars, birdies and eagles.  Jimmy and Carmen both tied to win the Chicago game.  Play was very slow that morning as we had several 2-somes play thru, which made the round even longer! 


The turn around to play another 18 was quick as we only had about 30 minutes to get back out onto the course.  In the afternoon we played a regular scramble round.  Play was very slow again on the front nine and the foursome of Ben, Denny, Rath and Sam ended their round after the 9th hole.  The scramble had a tie after 18 holes of golf so we had a playoff hole on number 10.  JD, Wade and Ed faced off against Nick, Reckers and Jimmy.  JD’s group made a par and Nick’s group had to sink a 25-ft putt to tie but could not make it. 







Highlights of Trip


-         Wade’s Grilled Pork tenderloin and leek (8 year tradition)

-         Belterra’s immaculate golf course

-         Midnight ice cream snack at Belterra (Ben & Jerry’s)

-         Belterra’s huge breakfast bar

-         Frank’s Day One 71 at Belterra

-         Ben’s 20 yard chip-in at Glenmary #15 (for par)

-         Glenmary’s golf pro (Webster or Gary Coleman look alike)

-         Ed’s new Olympic event – chair tossing

-         Toilet paper dodge ball

-         Jimmy and Ben’s dominance over JD and Frank in cornhole

-         Hoffstedder never getting the correct food order

-         Spongebob Squarepants for Captain’s Ball

-         Rex’s broken driver

-         Ed falling into the wall with his ass and making a hole in the drywall

-         Golf trip wrestle-mania

-         3-Putt Willie’s Hip Hot Night (karaoke at its best!)

-         Rath’s high round of 141

-         Sam’s Coca-Cola beverage donations of Coke, Vitamin Water, Water, orange juice and others

-         Nick’s fairway slide on hole 14, which most of us didn’t see

-         SWAT attacks

-         Food and Gas cards

-         JD knocking Frank into the pool (only witnessed by Ben)

-         The dude who almost hit us several times on the green of #9 as he was TRYING to hit golf balls at the driving range.  We actually had to hurry our putts!

-         The scramble playoff hole at number 10 as Rex’s putt goes in-and-out as his team takes the defeat