2006 Golf Trip – Pine Valley (Elizabethtown, KY)

This year marked our 11th Anniversary for the golf trip.  This year’s trip started at Perry Park again as we did the traditional things we always do at Perry Park:  golf, drink beer, eat pork-tenderloin, sit around the fire, drink some more beer, eat some more, and play cards.  We did have one difficulty while at Perry and that was Ben’s flat tire on the Tahoe.  We had to change the tire after our round of golf at Perry but the spare was a regular tire, so we were good to go the rest of the trip.


Thursday morning we headed to Pine Valley and hit lots of traffic.  We were running a little late for our first tee-time but the course gave us extra time to get ready as the course was not very crowded that morning.   Our condos were pretty nice and were all next together.  The first round of golf was tournament play and Ben had the lowest raw score (86) while Ed had the lowest adjusted score (65).  The second round we played a scramble.  That evening we all went to 3-Putt Willies for dinner and we had the pleasure of watching the Karaoke finals during our meal.  


Friday morning we played our second tournament round as Ben had the lowest raw score (85) and Jimmy had the lowest adjusted score (70).  Friday afternoon we played another fun round of golf.    For dinner, we had grilled chicken, green beans and pork-n-beans.  The meal was great thanks to Chef Rath and Chef Wade!!  Friday night we played some more cards and some of us went up to 3-Putt Willies to have some drinks.  It was fun watching the drunks trying to tee-off on the practice range!!!


On Saturday we had two tournament rounds to play.  Round three had Rex shooting the lowest raw score (87) and Carmen shooting the lowest adjusted score (66).  After round three we had the final foursome ready for action and Ed was heading into the round with the lead.  And even though Wade shot an awesome low round of (83), Ed shot an equally awesome (92) to hold on for this year’s Golf Trip Championship.


Highlights of Trip


-         Wade’s Grilled Pork tenderloin and leek (6 year tradition)

-         3-Putt Willie’s

-         Karaoke Finals

-         Dots Game

-         3-Putt Poker

-         No Rain!!

-         Lowest Round on Pine Valley – Wade (83)

-         Lowest Round on Perry Park – Ben (81)

-         Ed being the 6th straight different person to win the Golf Trip Championship

-         The Par 5’s

-         Wade’s tee-shot on #9 that landed in the side yard of 3-Putt Willie’s

-         Free buffet breakfast

-         8 Pizzas for $48.00 from Little Caesar’s

-         Ben’s flat tire

-         Ed’s “I’m going to win the game” saying – and actually doing it!!

-         No cornhole or batchee ball again this year

-         Buster - the mascot of 3 Putt Willies, buried next to the 9th tee box

-         Hooters swimsuit competition on TV

-         The Eagle on 16 by (Jim, Wade, Mark, Ed)

-         Hip Hop Night at 3-Putt Willie’s

-         Wade’s Fluorescent balls

-         Happiness is a big stiff one T-Shirt on the 300 pound she-beast





            1.         Ed                     -9

            2.         Wade                -6

            3.         Ben                   +1

            4.         Jimmy               +3

            5.         Rex                   +12

            6.         Nick                  +14

            7.         Carmen             +17

            8.         Denny               +22

            9.         Big C                +24

            10.        Blanchet            +41