2004 Golf Trip – Peninsula Golf Resort (Lancaster, KY)

For the first time in FIVE years we DID NOT have someone leave early from the 9th Annual Golf trip.  The trip started on Thursday even though a few of us played Belterra on Wednesday.  From the comments made about Belterra, it sounded like a very nice but VERY difficult course.  Our first tournament round started Thursday afternoon at Perry Park as the rain held off.  At Perry we had our traditional pork tenderloin, cornhole tournament, fire, and poker.  The tenderloin was great as usual and Thursday’s cornhole champs were Nick and Roseberry.  The fire we built was probably one of the biggest we’ve had during our golf trips as we took down lots of wood.


We headed to Peninsula golf Resort around 9AM Friday morning and since we had plenty of time we stopped at Frisch’s for breakfast.  The new addition to our golf trip, Ken Roseberry, was a little anxious in getting to places and passed the 7 vehicle caravan going about 100 MPH.  We finally arrived at the course, which is located in the middle of nowhere, and I mean nowhere!!  We settled into our villas, which were only 2 years old and very nice and clean.


We played our 2nd round of tournament play Friday afternoon and the course was pretty nice!!  It’s a Pete Dyes course, which has wavy greens, which meant there were a lot of putts over the weekend!  They also had a GPS system in the carts, so we could see the scores of everyone else.  This was a big hit!!  The course never seemed to get easier even after playing it several times!  For dinner we cooked the new traditional BBQ Chicken w/ green beans, corn, and pork n beans.  Friday night’s cornhole winners were Ben and Paul as they defeated John and Roseberry in a very close game!


Saturday, we played two rounds of golf with the morning rounds being for the tournament and the afternoon for the Scramble.  Everyone had fun in the scramble, and if it weren’t for Roseberry losing our captain’s ball on the 16th hole on his drive, the team of Ken, Ben and Nick would have won $100.  We had to settle for half instead as we ran away with the scramble scoring a –4.  Nice job Kennie!!


Saturday evening we went out for dinner to the Marina down on the lake.  Again, we had another interesting dinner experience as we literally waited on our food for 1 hour!!  Maybe even longer!  The place was packed but I’m not sure what they were doing in the back.  They were also out of chicken!!  This place had people with no shirts and shoes on, 10 year old bus helpers, and all kinds of interesting people who Kennie just had to talk to!



Highlights of Trip


-         Wade’s grilled Pork tenderloin and leek (4 year tradition)

-         Ben’s 15 yard chip-in over the sand at Perry (-1 on the back)

-         Ken losing the Captain’s Ball on hole 16!!!

-         Ken’s “grudge” drive after losing the Captain’s Ball on hole 16!!

-         The timely service at the Marina

-         The GPS Parview system!  Awesome!

-         Watching the leaderboard while playing

-         Free range balls and breakfast

-         Second annual chicken dinner (chicken, corn, pork & beans, and green beans)

-         Ken having to sleep on the couch b/c of Ben’s snoring

-         Ken doing 100 MPH past the 7 vehicle caravan

-         Ken dropping the Cosby kids off at the pool

-         JD’s eBay cornhole set

-         Belterra Golf course for those who went

-         Paul asking what kind of Tea and Sugar they had at the marina

-         New nicknames for Paul, “Yamaguchi” and Nick, “Uniball”

-         Between the 3 cameras used on the trip we must have had over 1000 pics taken!

-         JD’s Lowrider

-         Wade losing 9 straight cornhole games

-         No analog lines to update scores (had to use pc in clubhouse)

-         Wade throwing on the breaks to stop at the cigar store

-         The “Vagina” hole

-         Paul’s 17 strokes on ONE hole

-         Tina’s brownies

-         Remembering how important Wed and Sat nights are to the Nickster/Uniballer

-         Very tight final leaderboard

-         Rex and Ken tying for first place in the handicapped tournament





            1.         Ken                   281       -7

                        Rex                   281       -7

            3.         Ben                   282       -6

                        Big C                282       -6

            5.         Nick                  283       -5

                        Paul                  283       -5

            7.         Ed                     286       -2

            8.         Wade                292       +4

            9.         Carmen             302       +14

            10.        John                  312       +24