2003 Golf Trip – Fairfield Glade (TN)

Our trip started at Perry Park once again as everyone went down Wednesday for our 3 P.M. tee time.  Wade cooked the traditional pork tenderloin while corn-hole was being played.  We played poker that evening and Ed wound up winning!! 


We headed to TN early Thursday morning taking the “shortcut” proposed by the TN boys.  This was the first trips for Paul and Craig.  After getting our condos we started playing the course, Lake Tansi.  That evening we ate dinner at the Vegas Steakhouse, and no, there were NO strippers, it’s an actual steakhouse.  Friday we played the awesome Stonehenge course and Dorchester.  Saturday we played the Heatherhurst courses.


This was probably one of the better trips when it came to the courses.  They were all pretty nice, especially Stonehenge with the intimidating 13th and 14th holes.  Ben ended up winning this year as he caught fire finishing with a 78 on the last day.  The extra curricular activities weren’t as exciting this year.  The golf seemed to tire a lot of people so there wasn’t as much poker and corn-hole playing as last year.  But, then again, we never got the rain we got last year.  We did luck out with the weather as we had plenty of sun and no rain!!



Highlights of Trip

-         First year of having the walkie-talkies (great idea)

-         Wade’s grilled Pork tenderloin and leek (3 year tradition)

-         Ben’s low round of 78

-         Ben’s dominance on the leader board

-         Great Courses

-         13th and 14th holes at Stonehenge

-         17th hole at Heatherhurst

-         The “little boy” riding the bike on the back roads of TN

-         The “shortcut” from Perry Park to Crossville, TN

-         First trips for the TN boys, Paul and Craig

-         First chicken dinner (chicken, corn and green beans)

-         Waiting forever at the steakhouse to get our checks

-         Ed’s new poker table-top

-         Rath’s 543 strokes

-         Ed’s finishing round of 95 to put him into 4th place (moved up 5 spots)

-         Sam, Craig and Rath’s new 3-man scramble rules

-         For a 4th straight year someone had to leave the golf trip early.  It was a planned departure but it was still someone leaving early as Rust had to get back for his Dad’s retirement party.




            1)  Ben              269                   -19

            2)  Sam             280                   -8

            3)  Rex              283                   -5

            4)  Ed                286                   -2

            5)  Paul             290                   +2

            6)  Craig           292                   +4

            7)  Carmen        296                   +8

            8)  Wade           297                   +9

            9)  Big C           299                   +11

            10)Nick             302                   +14

            11)Rath             322                   +34

            12)Rust             DNQ