2002 Golf Trip – Bright Leaf Golf Resort (KY)

This year we started the golf trip at Perry Park.  Almost everyone went down Wednesday evening and played golf Thursday afternoon at Perry Park.  Friday morning we made our way to Bright Leaf, which was only about 75 minutes from Perry.  Everyone seemed to like Bright Leaf, the golf course wasn’t the most difficult, but the trip was very fun and pretty economical.  Everyone played really good golf and we calculated our handicaps to figure our leader board for the second straight year.  Big C was the winner this year running away from everyone!


Wade, cooked the traditional Pork tenderloin for the second straight year and we started the new tradition of Corn Hole.  We had Corn Hole tournaments at Perry and Bright Leaf.  Brian and Nick won the first one while Ben and Carmen won the second.  This game provided lots of fun and will definitely be played again during future golf trips.



Highlights of Trip

-         Wade’s “Cheater – You’re the Star Nick” episode at Perry Park

-         Corn Hole Tournaments

-         Brian’s eagle chip on the first hole at Perry Park

-         Wade’s grilled Pork tenderloin and leek (now a tradition)

-         Party under the shelter during the thunderstorm

-         Beer can racing

-         Snack food racing (pretzel, tortilla chip and peanut) – the peanut won

-         Rath slip-sliding next to the #1 green during the rain storm

-         Rath getting tackled by John next to the #1 green

-         Ben’s low round of 77

-         Big C’s dominance on the leader board

-         Location of villas next to the golf course – great location!

-         Par 3 Night golf on Saturday evening

-         Rath’s backward shot onto another green

-         Rex and John driving the balls miles and miles away

-         $18 Food Card

-         For a 3rd straight year someone had to leave the golf trip early.  The circumstances were a little different this time, as Nick had to be there for Maria as she was about ready to have twins.  A week later Nick and Maria were proud parents of twin girls.  Congrats!  So, who’s leaving early next year??




Scores can be viewed on the website.