2001 Golf Trip

Well, it looks like everyone had a good time during this year's golf trip. Eagle Pointe was a nice challenging course and Perry Park was a good way to end the trip, especially for Wade. History repeated itself once again as we lost another golfer on Saturday, not due to another girl, but a job. Wade ended up winning this year with the Handicap system in use for the first time.



Highlights of Trip

-         Nick, Ben and Sam arriving at Eagle Pointe early because they forgot about the time difference in Indiana

-         The tenth hole, nothing but water!

-         Hanging out in the bar and waiting get served by rude IU employees

-         Mr. Sarge kicking everyone out of the Perry Park home while playing poker

-         Wade’s grilled pork and leek

-         Wade guzzling the Yegameister

-         Wade trying to jump the fire and catching his leg on fire

-         Wade walking naked thru the house after taking a shower from the incident




Scores can be viewed on the website.